• An Update on Pickup and Delivery

    An Update on Pickup and Delivery

    We launched Seated with the mission to make dining out more rewarding, and to support local restaurants by helping them get more guests in the door.

    As restaurants closed their dining rooms in 2020, Seated began offering Pickup and Delivery so our members could continue earning rewards for supporting their favorite spots.

    November 14 will be the final day to submit takeout receipts for Seated Rewards. Takeout orders placed after this date will not be eligible for rewards.

    You can find answers to some frequently asked questions below. Thanks for continuing to support local restaurants by booking with Seated!

    Are you making any changes to Dine In?

    • The Dine In experience is only getting better, so you can keep on using Seated to discover, book, and earn rewards at restaurants in your community every time you go out.
    • With dining room restrictions a thing of the past, you can expect even more from the Dine In experience with Seated—more restaurants near you, more availability, and rewards you can spend on dozens of brands in the Seated Store!

    When is the last day that I can order Pickup or Delivery for rewards?

    • You can continue submitting Pickup and Delivery receipts for rewards through November 14. Like always, only orders placed through a restaurant’s preferred provider via Seated will be eligible.

    How long do I have to upload a receipt from a Pickup or Delivery order?

    • The last day to submit receipts for Pickup and Delivery rewards is November 14. Takeout receipts received after this date will not be eligible for rewards.

    What about rewards I already earned for ordering takeout?

    • Any rewards you’ve already earned are yours to keep! You can see the rewards you’ve earned in the Rewards tab.

    Do I still need a Takeout Badge to unlock Gold Seat status?

    • Once we retire rewards for Pickup and Delivery on November 14, you will no longer need to earn a Takeout Badge to unlock Gold Seat status.
    • If you earn the Takeout Badge on or before November 14, you’ll score a $25 bonus reward once you hit Gold Seat!

    What if I already earned a Takeout Badge?

    • If you already earned a Takeout Badge, you get to keep it! And since November 14 is the last day to earn one, you’ll lock in exclusive bragging rights forever.
    • If you’ve already earned a Takeout Badge, but you haven’t unlocked Gold Seat status yet, you’ll still receive a $25 welcome bonus when you do.
    • If you’ve already unlocked Gold Seat status, your status will not be impacted.
  • Gold Seat Exclusive: Ride in Style with Revel

    Gold Seat Exclusive: Ride in Style with Revel

    When you unlock Gold Seat status by dining with Seated and earning badges, you get access to exclusive offers, events, and more! (You can learn more here.)

    NYC members with Gold Seat status are also eligible for deals with partner brands—and right now, that includes an exclusive $30 credit to redeem on rides with Revel!

    Going Out? Get There with Revel

    Revel’s all-electric rideshare service makes it perfect for getting to your next Seated reservation—or coming home after!

    Seated members with Gold Seat status are eligible for an exclusive credit, so you can order a ride to your next reservation and relax in the backseat of a Revel Tesla. And because Revel employs its own drivers, you’ll have plenty of reasons to feel safe and comfortable about your ride.

    (Looking for your Revel code? Keep an eye on your inbox!)

    Get More When You Reach Gold Seat Status

    When you reach Gold Seat status, you’ll unlock access to this and other exclusive perks—so find a restaurant near you to start earning!

  • New: Save and Share Your Faves with Seated Lists

    New: Save and Share Your Faves with Seated Lists

    You’ve got a playlist for every mood—and now you can create a list of restaurants for every mood, too!

    Bottomless brunches. First date picks. Late night noodles. Whatever your thing, you can use Seated to save your faves in a custom list, share ‘em with your friends, and have all your best ideas ready when you’re planning your next night out!

    Introducing Seated Lists

    When you’re browsing Seated and find a spot you want to save, just tap the heart icon. You can add it to one of your lists, or create a new one!

    Visit the Account tab in Seated to view and share your lists. When someone joins Seated after opening your list, it automatically counts as a referral link—so create, post, and share away to start earning referral bonuses!

    (Looking for the restaurants you favorited in the past? We’ve already added them to a list for you.)

    Create custom lists, keep track of your favorite spots, and be ready for anything when the next craving hits.

    Download the latest version of Seated to start exploring restaurants and create your own Seated Lists today!

  • Unlock Exclusive Perks and Rewards with Gold Seat Status

    Unlock Exclusive Perks and Rewards with Gold Seat Status

    Want to score even more perks when you discover local restaurants?

    Earn badges by dining with Seated to unlock Gold Seat status and get access to exclusive offers, events, and more!

    Earn these four badges, and you’re in:

    • Dine In Badge – Dine at a restaurant with either a Reservation or Walk In and earn a reward when you submit your receipt
    • Reward Badge – Spend rewards on any of the dozens of brands in the Seated Store
    • Referral Badge – Refer a friend and get a reward when they enjoy their first meal with Seated
    • Card Linked Badge – Link your credit card to the Seated app and use it to pay for your reservations to earn rewards instantly

    Gold Seat members gain exclusive access to perks like:

    • Welcome bonus when you reach Gold Seat status
    • Exclusive monthly deals to partner brands
    • Early insider access to new Seated features
    • Priority member support from the Seated team
    • Special invitations to private events and experiences 
    • And more!

    We’ll update you on your Gold Seat status via email, so keep an eye on your inbox to see which badges you’ve earned and how close you are to unlocking exclusive perks!

    Ready to get started? See restaurants available near you to start earning!

  • Summertime with Seated: The Ultimate Guide to Hot Spots Near You

    Summertime with Seated: The Ultimate Guide to Hot Spots Near You

    Nobody ever wishes they’d spent less time going out and having fun over the summer. 

    From hot dates to chill hangs, we’ve got summertime spots for every mood—so take a look at these recs near you, and make the most of the season before it’s gone!

    Date Night Spots That Turn Up the Heat

    Need a hot spot for summer romance? Set the mood with a date night pick like Divan, a cozy charmer in Atlanta with an intimate atmosphere.

    Easygoing Picks for Your Casual Summer Vibe

    Keep your chill in the summer heat with low-key picks like Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in NYC—an ideal spot to kick back with a rack of ribs (and extra napkins).

    The Hot List: Our Top Picks for Summer 2022

    Before the season ends, check out a few must-try picks like Boston’s Tip Tap Room, a friendly neighborhood spot with an eclectic menu of wild game and dozens of brews on tap.

    Summer Group Hang Recs

    These group-friendly spots are perfect for scoring a big table—and a big reward. Try Atlanta’s Mission + Market, home to ample seating, share plates, and stunning signature cocktails.

    Outdoor Dining for Your Daily Dose of Sunshine

    Summer won’t last forever. Enjoy the fresh air at a spot like Meddlesome Moth, a bustling Dallas gastropub with a spacious and inviting patio.

  • 11 Rooftop Restaurants with Good Vibes and Great Views

    11 Rooftop Restaurants with Good Vibes and Great Views

    Want to get up, up, and away from it all? Summertime is rooftop dining season, and we’ve got a few hot picks to get you started!

    From brunch and group hangs to date night with a view, these rooftops offer a scenic, chill getaway from the hustle down below.


    Gallow Green

    Best times: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday after 7pm

    Make your escape to a whimsical rooftop paradise atop the McKittrick Hotel, where lush greenery offers a beautiful backdrop for seasonal New American and upscale cocktails. Dreamy and romantic, it’s ideal for a special occasion.


    Best times: Any

    This spot at the top of the Beekman Tower was named one of the best rooftop bars in NYC by Time Out New York. With panoramic views of Manhattan and the East River, you’ll start to see why before you even sit down.

    East Hae

    Best times: Weekdays after 4pm

    Korean fare, inventive cocktails, and a refined selection of soju and sake help make this chill Williamsburg rooftop a popular pick. This one is just the right balance of casual and sophisticated to liven up a weeknight!

    Hotel Chantelle

    Best times: Saturday brunch

    Elegant and welcoming, the rooftop at Hotel Chantelle evokes Parisian gardens with draping greenery and iron accents. It’s the ideal vibe for their menu of wine, signature cocktails, and French fare.

    Ampia Rooftop

    Best times: Weekdays any time, weekends after 7:30pm

    With bold colors, an outdoor bar, and ample plantlife, this rooftop provides a lively backdrop for an evening of authentic, sophisticated Italian—not to mention eye-catching photos of your night out.

    The Rooftop at Selina

    Best times: Weekdays after 4pm

    Enjoy scenic views of Chelsea and the Empire State Building from this hip indoor/outdoor rooftop! The chic aesthetic and refined menu make it a good pick for an after-work hang or a detour off the High Line. 


    Whiskey Blue

    Best times: Tuesday-Thursday after 10pm

    Loungey vibes and a menu that includes bottle service and cigars make this Buckhead bar with views of Midtown a unique and sophisticated experience. When dinner is over and you don’t want the night to end, make this your next stop.


    Deck 12

    Best times: Tuesday-Thursday after 8pm

    Perched atop YOTEL Boston, this Seaport rooftop boasts beautiful views, a raw bar, and an all-day menu of classic comfort foods. Pop up for seasonal fare, craft cocktails, and a relaxing spot to take in the scenery.

    Blue Owl Rooftop Bar

    Best times: Wednesdays 6:30-8pm

    The rooftop terrace at this Cambridge spot is just the place for snacks, sandwiches, and small plates—plus a striking selection of colorful seasonal cocktails you won’t be able to resist photographing before your first sip.



    Best times: Monday-Thursday after 7:30pm

    Need a casual, welcoming spot for a low-key hang? Head to the roof of this modern and stylish sports bar, where you’ll find an extensive drink menu, top-notch pub fare, and games that’ll satisfy your appetite for friendly competition.

    The Green Room

    Best times: Wednesday-Thursday after 5pm

    With its fresh take on pub fare favorites, a view of the city skyline, and tables big enough for groups, the rooftop at this Deep Ellum fave is a popular pick for after-work meetups and casual get-togethers.

  • Meet the Brooklyn Restaurant Helping Refugees Launch Culinary Careers

    Meet the Brooklyn Restaurant Helping Refugees Launch Culinary Careers

    Since opening its doors in 2016, Emma’s Torch has made a name for itself not only as a beloved neighborhood spot in Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens, but as a powerful local force for social good.

    Named for the poet Emma Lazarus, whose words adorn the Statue of Liberty, this restaurant is also a nonprofit providing culinary training and job placement services to refugees, asylees, and survivors of human trafficking.

    (As they like to say, the menu features “New American prepared by newly American students.”)

    Seated spoke with Emma’s Torch founder and executive director Kerry Brodie about the restaurant’s mission, navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, and what’s next for the training program.

    Tell us a little about your mission at Emma’s Torch.

    Emma’s Torch is a nonprofit social enterprise. We operate a restaurant, cafe, and catering business in Brooklyn, New York that serves as the training ground for our students. 

    Our mission is to empower our students to begin new careers with financial independence. With every meal they create, we’re one step closer to that goal.

    How have the restaurant and training program evolved since launching in 2016?

    While our mission has remained the same since we started, we have worked closely with community members to ensure that our program is meeting the needs of those we serve. We have a culinary council, as well as a network of social service providers that inform our work. 

    We have also been fortunate to expand and grow from a small pop-up brunch restaurant to a full-service restaurant in Carroll Gardens, the cafe at the Brooklyn Public Library, and our catering business. Our students have more training opportunities now because of this growth and expansion. 

    How many people have completed your training program in that time?

    We’re proud that 95% of our job-seeking graduates have begun careers! While this is the clearest and most tangible metric for success, we are also proud of the many qualitative successes, whether it is a promotion, buying a home, or moving out of the shelter system. Our students have achieved so much and we are continuously inspired by them! 

    Any particular success stories you’d like to highlight?

    One of our graduates, Ismael, reached out to us in August to share some great news. Despite the setbacks of COVID-19, he was promoted to the role of Pastry Sous Chef, with a new salary and benefits. He shared that he was walking near our restaurant with his new colleagues, and his boss pointed to Emma’s Torch and informed the group, “This is where my best cook was trained.” We are so proud to be part of Ismael’s success. 

    Behind each of these numbers is a story. We are proud of each of our graduates, and know that their increased earnings are not simply about finances, but truly about empowerment and independence. We are excited to see them continue to grow. 

    Tell us about the menu at Emma’s Torch. How does it reflect your students’ cultures?

    Our menu is designed as an extension of our education. Every dish is structured around culinary tools that our students can use for their careers. But we also use it as an opportunity to have a conversation. Two of our most beloved dishes are good examples of this: our black-eyed pea hummus and our pistachio bread pudding each meld flavors and techniques with a global twist. 

    How does food help create that cross-cultural conversation?

    The experience of sharing a meal is one that is deeply human, and an extension of love and caring. We see food as a way of building common ground. 

    Food has the power to evoke memories, and to transcend boundaries and divisions. We can enjoy a meal together even if we don’t share the same language or background. 

    What cultural changes have you noticed since 2016?

    The past few years have presented us with countless challenges, and have also underscored the importance of our work. We are seeing greater need for paid training opportunities, especially as we welcome more new arrivals than in previous years. 

    We are also seeing an increase in overall awareness of the importance of supporting the holistic needs of our students. We are so grateful that our community has supported us through the past turbulent few years, and we’re excited for our ability to expand and do more to support our students. 

    And how have the restaurant and training program been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic?

    Like so many others, we pivoted consistently throughout the pandemic. From partnering with other organizations to providing emergency food relief and changing our business model, we have adapted to the needs of our students and the constraints of public health. 

    We are fortunate that now we are able to be fully open. We hope to continue to operate with this ethos of agility, remaining focused on how we can best serve our students despite all of the challenges.

    What are your hopes for the future of Emma’s Torch?

    We are about to embark on a period of growth, opening our first location outside of New York City. Our hope is that we can continue to expand and scale our work, while still maintaining the standard of impact for our students. 

    Thanks again to Kerry and the team at Emma’s Torch!

    You can learn more about the restaurant, mission, and training program on their website, and support them directly by booking a spot with Seated!

  • 2022 NYC Pride March: 15 Restaurants Near the Parade Route

    2022 NYC Pride March: 15 Restaurants Near the Parade Route

    The 2022 NYC Pride March makes its way down the streets of Manhattan on Sunday, June 26! 

    Need a spot near the action where you can catch your breath and grab a bite? We’ve got you covered!

    Check out these spots near the parade route in Flatiron, Union Square, and Greenwich Village, and make your plans now so you beat the rush and have a table waiting for you.

    THE WELL Kitchen & Table

    From breakfast bowls and fresh juices to smoothies, salads, and sandwiches, this cafe’s menu is built on carefully sourced, organic, sustainable fare. For fresh, nutrient-rich options near Union Square, this is a must-try.

    Blossom on University

    The innovative vegan cuisine at this spot is bound to impress plant-based eaters and omnivores alike. And with a full menu of local and organic wines and beers, you’re sure to find the perfect pairing!

    Obica Mozzarella Bar

    Fresh pastas, classic Italian cocktails, and an irresistible mozzarella bar make this Italian import an international sensation. Whether you’re an experienced aficionado or a cheese novice, this selection is sure to satisfy.

    Rosa Mexicano

    Mexican culinary tradition and contemporary innovation meet in a vibrant space, with creative twists on classics like tacos and enchiladas. Kick things off with an order of Guacamole, made with founder Josefina Howard’s original recipe since 1984!

    Tarallucci e Vino

    The flagship location of an NYC favorite, this lively and rustic Italian restaurant is home to signature cocktails and Italian wines that complement a menu of authentic pastas, Roman style pizzas, and housemade pastries and desserts.

    Barn Joo

    Serving Korean staples like bibimbap and hot pot with inventive twists, along with a selection of speciality cocktails, this Union Square staple is a must-visit. Close your eyes, and you can practically hear the Sizzling Stone Bowl already! 


    Specializing in teishoku meal sets, this Japanese spot serves signature dishes alongside favorites like hotpot, soba, and sashimi. For fans of authentic Japanese cuisine, it’s an absolute must-try.


    The oldest bar in Greenwich Village, Julius’ is a New York City legend that’s been serving since the 1860s. Grab a bite and a brew at this long-standing institution with a prominent place in local LGBTQ history!


    This eclectic Southwestern spot serves up favorites like tacos, enchiladas, and sizzling fajitas alongside fusion dishes like the Santa Fe Shepherd’s Pie and a truly impressive selection of tequilas. 


    Tapas, sangria, and paellas make Lamano a popular pick for Spanish cuisine. Whether you’re curating a spread of small plates or splitting a paella, it’s an ideal spot when you want to gather a group and share something special!


    Intimate and stylish, Ofrenda is renowned for its authentic Mexican cuisine prepared with homemade tortillas, salsa, and mole. Add in a strong selection of tequila and mezcal, and you have a winning combination!

    The Warren

    With an upscale take on New American cuisine and signature cocktails, this Christopher Street gastropub balances casual accessibility with sophisticated style. This one’s an especially popular pick for date night!

    Sabor Argentino NYC

    Sabor Argentino is home to authentic Argentinian cuisine and an impressive selection of baked empanadas, including gourmet choices like the Cuban and the Banana & Dulce de Leche! (And wine fans will love the menu of Argentinian selections.)

    St. Tropez

    Inspired by the culinary traditions of the French Riviera, this West Village favorite serves bistro-style fare along with a selection of 40+ wines. It’s cozy, lively, and inviting—perfect for a date or catching up with friends.

    Mino Brasserie

    The refined aesthetic of a modern Parisian bistro sets the mood at this inviting brasserie! Pair French wine with a selection of charcuterie, or explore a selection of vibrant, traditional French fare served with immaculate style.

  • Juneteenth 2022: Support Black-Owned Restaurants in NYC with These 9 Spots

    Juneteenth 2022: Support Black-Owned Restaurants in NYC with These 9 Spots

    This weekend marks Juneteenth, a day commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. If you’re feeling inspired to support your local community, one way to make a direct impact is to dine with Black-owned restaurants near you—here are a few in NYC to get you started!

    Ras Plant Based

    Traditional Ethiopian cuisine gets a modern twist on this menu featuring savory seasonal fare and classic dishes! Discover a fresh, authentic interpretation of recipes that have been handed down for generations.

    Queen Of Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant

    A few blocks from Times Square, this cozy and casual spot from Chef Philipos Mengistu is perfect for both newcomers and lifelong fans of Ethiopian cuisine. Don’t miss the drink menu featuring Ethiopian favorites like honey wine!

    Bed-Vyne Brew

    Established in 2013, this inviting neighborhood hotspot is known for its craft brews on tap and its guest list of DJs spinning hip hop, funk, soul, and more. Check it out and see why this is a Bed-Stuy favorite.

    142 Sullivan

    Show off your good taste by nabbing a spot at this stylish South Village favorite’s 12-seat bar for a round of specialty cocktails! And don’t worry—there’s outdoor seating, too, so you won’t miss out if the bar is spoken for.

    Charm Bar & Restaurant

    Just across from Barclays Center, Charm lives up to its name with a menu of authentic Caribbean cuisine and signature cocktails. With a warm and inviting ambience, it’s ideal for group gatherings and intimate outings.

    Fieldtrip – Harlem & Rockefeller Center

    With a mantra of “Rice is culture,” this spot offers rice bowls inspired by global cuisine at its locations in Harlem and Rockefeller Center. Sustainable rice grains and ethically sourced ingredients shine on this menu!

    Brown Butter Craft Bar & Kitchen

    Made from scratch every morning, buttery, flaky biscuits (topped with your choice of eggs, fried chicken, or hot honey) are the star of the menu at this Bed-Stuy cafe. Try one with a specialty drink like a Haitian Hot Chocolate!

    Brooklyn Beso

    Colorful decor and a menu inspired by Latin and Caribbean cuisine give this Stuyvesant Heights spot the unmistakable good vibes of a tropical getaway. The back patio is perfect for relaxing with a round of their famous Rum Punch!


    Home to over 5,000 vinyl records, this craft beer bar is a music-lover’s paradise overflowing with style and soul. Check them out online ahead of time to see the latest on tap and their upcoming schedule of guest DJs!

  • New: Split the Reward (and Invite Your Friends for a Bonus!)

    When you make reservations and order takeout with Seated, you get rewards you can redeem on dozens of brands like Amazon and Uber—and when you split a reward with your friends, so do they!

    After you submit your receipt and get your reward, just tap the “Split Your Reward” button and tell us who you want to split it with. You can send them their share even if they aren’t on Seated yet!

    Split the total evenly, or customize how much everyone gets—it’s your call. Just divvy it up, confirm the split, and everyone at the table gets their piece of the pie.

    Friends not on Seated yet? You’ll be able to text them a download link with your referral code, so you score a bonus referral reward the first time they submit an approved receipt!

    Give it a try the next time you book for the group—find a spot near you to get started!