How to Find the Highest Rewards On Seated

There’s nothing like discovering a new favorite spot—especially when you’re scoring a big reward in return!

Rewards are based on factors like time and availability, so if you’re on the hunt for a high percentage back, it pays to know how to find them.

Here are some tips for getting serious rewards:

Look for the Lightning Bolt

Percentages on the Seated map show how much you’ll earn in rewards—and when lightning strikes, the rewards are higher.

A flag with a lightning bolt icon shows where you can earn enviable rewards, so seize the moment when you see it!

Pick the Perfect Filter

Filters on your phone are great for giving yourself cat ears and faux freckles, but you can also use filters in Seated to find the highest rewards on the map!

The Highest Reward filter shows you where to find the top rates—depending on the day and time, they can reach 40% or more!

Treat Yourself During the Week

Speaking of day and time, did you know that rewards are usually highest Monday through Thursday?

Rates are typically higher on weekdays than on weekends, when restaurants tend to be busier. Treat yourself to a workday lunch or a weeknight evening out, and you can pick up a high reward, too!

Take the Lead for Your Group

Booking in advance is more important than ever when you’re going out with a group—and it pays off in more ways than one!

The next time your group chat is looking for a volunteer brunch planner, take the lead and make your group reservation. You can skip the wait for a table and score some major rewards while you’re at it!

Did you know: You can earn rewards for booking events with Seated! For parties of 12 or more, reach out to our Events Concierge.

Get the Inside Scoop

If you’re not getting push notifications or SMS messages from Seated, you’re missing out on alerts that could help you lock down a high reward!

Allow notifications from Seated in your phone’s settings or text START to 44501 to sign up for SMS alerts, and you’ll be the first to know about new additions and surging reward rates nearby.

Curious where rewards are surging right now?

Browse what’s available nearby and make your next reward a big one! 

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