New: Split the Reward (and Invite Your Friends for a Bonus!)

When you make reservations and order takeout with Seated, you get rewards you can redeem on dozens of brands like Amazon and Uber—and when you split a reward with your friends, so do they!

After you submit your receipt and get your reward, just tap the “Split Your Reward” button and tell us who you want to split it with. You can send them their share even if they aren’t on Seated yet!

Split the total evenly, or customize how much everyone gets—it’s your call. Just divvy it up, confirm the split, and everyone at the table gets their piece of the pie.

Friends not on Seated yet? You’ll be able to text them a download link with your referral code, so you score a bonus referral reward the first time they submit an approved receipt!

Give it a try the next time you book for the group—find a spot near you to get started!

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