Gold Seat Exclusive: Ride in Style with Revel

When you unlock Gold Seat status by dining with Seated and earning badges, you get access to exclusive offers, events, and more! (You can learn more here.)

NYC members with Gold Seat status are also eligible for deals with partner brands—and right now, that includes an exclusive $30 credit to redeem on rides with Revel!

Going Out? Get There with Revel

Revel’s all-electric rideshare service makes it perfect for getting to your next Seated reservation—or coming home after!

Seated members with Gold Seat status are eligible for an exclusive credit, so you can order a ride to your next reservation and relax in the backseat of a Revel Tesla. And because Revel employs its own drivers, you’ll have plenty of reasons to feel safe and comfortable about your ride.

(Looking for your Revel code? Keep an eye on your inbox!)

Get More When You Reach Gold Seat Status

When you reach Gold Seat status, you’ll unlock access to this and other exclusive perks—so find a restaurant near you to start earning!

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