An Update on Pickup and Delivery

We launched Seated with the mission to make dining out more rewarding, and to support local restaurants by helping them get more guests in the door.

As restaurants closed their dining rooms in 2020, Seated began offering Pickup and Delivery so our members could continue earning rewards for supporting their favorite spots.

November 14 will be the final day to submit takeout receipts for Seated Rewards. Takeout orders placed after this date will not be eligible for rewards.

You can find answers to some frequently asked questions below. Thanks for continuing to support local restaurants by booking with Seated!

Are you making any changes to Dine In?

  • The Dine In experience is only getting better, so you can keep on using Seated to discover, book, and earn rewards at restaurants in your community every time you go out.
  • With dining room restrictions a thing of the past, you can expect even more from the Dine In experience with Seated—more restaurants near you, more availability, and rewards you can spend on dozens of brands in the Seated Store!

When is the last day that I can order Pickup or Delivery for rewards?

  • You can continue submitting Pickup and Delivery receipts for rewards through November 14. Like always, only orders placed through a restaurant’s preferred provider via Seated will be eligible.

How long do I have to upload a receipt from a Pickup or Delivery order?

  • The last day to submit receipts for Pickup and Delivery rewards is November 14. Takeout receipts received after this date will not be eligible for rewards.

What about rewards I already earned for ordering takeout?

  • Any rewards you’ve already earned are yours to keep! You can see the rewards you’ve earned in the Rewards tab.

Do I still need a Takeout Badge to unlock Gold Seat status?

  • Once we retire rewards for Pickup and Delivery on November 14, you will no longer need to earn a Takeout Badge to unlock Gold Seat status.
  • If you earn the Takeout Badge on or before November 14, you’ll score a $25 bonus reward once you hit Gold Seat!

What if I already earned a Takeout Badge?

  • If you already earned a Takeout Badge, you get to keep it! And since November 14 is the last day to earn one, you’ll lock in exclusive bragging rights forever.
  • If you’ve already earned a Takeout Badge, but you haven’t unlocked Gold Seat status yet, you’ll still receive a $25 welcome bonus when you do.
  • If you’ve already unlocked Gold Seat status, your status will not be impacted.

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