• Pride Month 2022: Supporting GLAAD and LGBTQIA-owned Restaurants

    Pride Month 2022: Supporting GLAAD and LGBTQIA-owned Restaurants

    June is Pride Month, and we’re celebrating all month long by highlighting LGBTQIA-owned spots near you! 

    Looking for more ways to make a direct positive impact? We’ve also added GLAAD to the Seated Store, so you can use your rewards to donate all year long.

    Learn more about GLAAD here, and check out a few must-try community faves:

    Julius’ – NYC

    Designated a national landmark in 2016, this legendary West Village tavern with a prominent place in local LGBTQIA history has been serving since the 1860s. 100 years later, it was the site of a key gay rights protest.

    Book with Julius now!

    Fonda – NYC

    Born in Mexico City, renowned chef and cookbook author Roberto Santibañez brings his signature Mexican cuisine to NYC with locations in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. These welcoming spots are relaxed, welcoming, and authentic!

    Book with Fonda now!

    Superfine – NYC

    Queer vibes abound at this women-owned DUMBO staple! Superfine is a haven for independent artists, and home to popular art shows, burlesque performances, and more. See why it’s been a local fave for 20+ years!

    Book with Superfine now!

    Easy Slider – Dallas

    Haven’t spotted this funky, queer-owned food truck around town? Now you can find Easy Slider’s signature patties at Harvest Hall and in Deep Ellum, and see why this award-winner has become a local legend since opening in 2011!

    Book with Easy Slider now!

    Georgia Beer Garden – Atlanta

    The biggest backyard in Downtown Atlanta belongs to this gay-owned beer garden in Sweet Auburn! Come for the positive, welcoming energy, and stay for the two dozen taps of local beers and ciders.

    Book with Georgia Beer Garden now!

    Twisted Soul Cookhouse – Atlanta

    An icon of the Atlanta culinary and LGBTQIA scenes, Chef Deborah VanTrece puts a fresh spin on classic comfort cuisine with a menu inspired by her global travels! Don’t miss the menu of signature cocktails, like the No Cryin’ At The PYNK.

    Book with Twisted Soul Cookhouse now!

    La Voile – Boston

    The historic French brasserie comes stateside with locations in Brookline and on Newbury Street! Enjoy an authentic taste of France with an impressive, extensive wine list to match—there’s something for fans of every region.

    Book with La Voile now!

    Trident Booksellers & Cafe – Boston

    The cafe at this classically cool independent bookstore is home to some irresistible casual bites for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while the shop regularly hosts queer-friendly events like book club, speed dating, and game nights.

    Book with Trident Booksellers & Cafe now!

  • Celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with AAPI-Owned Restaurants

    Celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with AAPI-Owned Restaurants

    May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and we’re celebrating by highlighting AAPI-owned restaurants!

    All month long, we’ll be sharing local faves like these here and on Facebook and Instagram, so take a look at who’s in the spotlight near you:

    Ginya Izakaya – Atlanta

    Like an English pub or a tapas bar, an izakaya is a casual spot for getting together over drinks and a bite. The authentic atmosphere at Ginya Izakaya is ideal for sake, shōchū, and a full menu of Japanese comfort foods.

    Pagu – Boston

    Inspired by generations of family culinary tradition and a rich background of international training, Chef Tracy Chang unites Japanese and Spanish concepts at Pagu. (And don’t forget the menu of specialty house cocktails!)

    Thai Spice – Dallas

    Chef Sangjan K brings decades of experience in Thailand to Dallas at Thai Spice, where she serves up classic staples alongside signature entrees with a personal touch. See why this award-winning spot is a local favorite!

    Wanisa Home Kitchen – NYC

    Family owned and operated, this cozy Cobble Hill institution is a Brooklyn favorite for authentic homestyle thai cuisine that’s been perfected over generations—including desserts like the WK Fried Banana!

  • The Seated Guide to Ramen

    The Seated Guide to Ramen

    Flavorful broth, tasty noodles, and plentiful toppings make this Japanese soup an international favorite. What’s in your bowl?

    The Broth

    The biggest source of flavor in every bowl, ramen broth typically has a base of either shio (salt), shoyu (soy sauce), miso (fermented soybean paste), or tonkotsu (pork).

    The Noodles

    While some ramen spots will have you pick, it’s often up to the chef to pair the ideal noodle with each broth on the menu.

    The Toppings

    No ramen bowl is complete without toppings. You might be surprised by which are your favorites! Here are a few of the most popular:

    The Experience

    Ready to enjoy a bowl like a seasoned pro? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

    Dive right in. Ramen is traditionally best when finished within 5-10 minutes—any longer, and the noodles can become starchy. Start by sipping the broth with your spoon so you can savor its flavor, then grab your chopsticks and get ready for action.

    Play it safe. Noodles like spaghetti may lend themselves well to ambitious forkfuls, but when you reach for the ramen with a pair of chopsticks, take a little less than you think you can handle—it’ll make the next step easier.

    Lift and dip. Lifting your noodles into the air helps them separate from the ones in the bowl and makes each mouthful more manageable. Dip them back into the broth to capture a little more flavor, and finally…

    Slurp with pride. Slurping your noodles is a valid technique, and one that many consider integral to the ramen experience—so don’t be shy! You can even finish off your bowl of broth by lifting it with both hands and drinking it down.

    Find ramen near you

    Now that you know your miso from your tonkotsu, check out where you can find ramen nearby and earn rewards back on your next bowl!

  • See the Cost of Your Empty Seats with the Restaurant Occupancy Calculator

    See the Cost of Your Empty Seats with the Restaurant Occupancy Calculator

    It’s no secret that more guests in your restaurant is good for business—and the more empty seats in your restaurant, the more you’re missing out.

    But do you know how much your empty seats actually cost your restaurant each night?

    The Restaurant Occupancy Calculator by Seated can show you.

    It’s the first tool that allows restaurant operators to visualize their occupancy and see the financial impact that empty seats have on their profits—a hidden cost that’s been plaguing the industry for decades and keeping profits below 10% for most operators.

    “Operators know that if a table sits empty they are losing money,” says Utku Martin, General Manager of A La Turka in NYC. “But most operators struggle to visualize their empty seats and to take effective action to fill them at specific times, since their current tools don’t give them an easy way to do this.”

    It’s an information gap where Seated co-founder Bo Peabody sees a major opportunity for restaurants. “Operators are inundated with distracting, time-consuming tech,” he says, “and most of it ignores how filling empty seats is the simplest way for them to grow profits.”

    With the launch of this new tool, an operator can fill in a few quick details about their restaurant’s occupancy—like their average number of covers per day—and generate a report showing how much their profits could increase by filling more seats.

    “We wanted to create an easy-to-use tool that will help operators see not just how important this metric is,” says Peabody, “but how they can improve it.”

    In addition to generating an occupancy overview using Seated’s free online calculator, restaurant operators can also sign up to receive a free Occupancy Action Plan that offers a more in-depth report, a personalized consultation, and more.

    Ready to see YOUR full report?

    Try out the Restaurant Occupancy Calculator today, and find out the difference a few extra tables each night could make on your profits!

  • Support Black-Owned Restaurants with Seated This Black History Month

    Support Black-Owned Restaurants with Seated This Black History Month

    February marks Black History Month—and a direct, sustainable way that we can celebrate and support the Black community is to dine with local Black-owned restaurants.

    All month long, Seated is shining the spotlight on these restaurants by surging reward rates, giving you the perfect opportunity to discover and support Black-owned businesses near you while earning rewards.

    We’re also donating $5k to organizations that provide important resources to members of the Black community, and will match up to an additional $5k in contributions made to those organizations via the Seated Store.

    Visit the Seated Store to donate, and learn more about these organizations below:


    The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is a civil rights organization in the United States, determined to secure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights in order to eliminate race-based discrimination and ensure the health and well-being of all persons. Donate to the NAACP in the Seated Store here.

    Reclaim the Block

    Founded in 2018, Reclaim the Block organizes the Minneapolis community and city council members to move money from the police department into other areas of the city’s budget that truly promote community health and safety. Donate to Reclaim the Block in the Seated Store here.

    Campaign Zero

    Campaign Zero is a comprehensive platform of research-based policy solutions to end police brutality in America launched by Black Lives Matter activists. The latest police reform campaign proposed consists of ten proposals, all of which are aimed at reducing police violence. Donate to Campaign Zero in the Seated Store here.

    Color of Change

    The nation’s largest online racial justice organization was made to help people respond effectively to injustice in the world around us. As a national online force driven by 1.7 million members, Color of Change moves decision-makers in corporations and government to create a more human and less hostile world for Black people in America. Donate to Color of Change in the Seated Store here.

  • Check, please! It’s Seated’s 2021 Year in Review

    Check, please! It’s Seated’s 2021 Year in Review

    It’s been a big year for rediscovering what we love about where we live—and what better way to do it than around a table with the people we care about?

    Before we announce last call for 2021, let’s take a look back at the meals we shared and the memories we made!

    This year, we dined together. Seated Members enjoyed meals at 2,927 restaurants across our restaurants in 2021. (Now that’s a lot of after-dinner mints.)

    Everyone enjoyed some memorable takeout, too. One lucky member earned a whopping $657, because sometimes, dinner tastes even better when you’re in sweatpants.

    We welcomed Dallas as the latest city to join Seated, so look for us in the Lone Star State! (Think you can guess who’s going to be next?)

    We keep adding new restaurants across the country every day, too, so you can keep discovering new favorites right in your own backyard.

    Now sure where to start? Our members’ top picks this year were different in each city! And we’d say you have pretty good taste.

    There’s no wrong time to dine, but in 2021, our top mealtime was dinnertime. Isn’t it nice to have something to look forward to?.

    Of course, dining with Seated is pretty rewarding—literally!

    In 2021 one Seated Member’s rewards totaled $7,049. That could buy you 250 Uber rides!

    Thanks for being a part of our community this year.

    As we set the table to 2022, there’s only one question left to answer: where are you dining first?

  • Six Must-Try NYC Spots Picked by the Seated Community

    Six Must-Try NYC Spots Picked by the Seated Community

    When you’re ready to branch out from your usual favorite spots, it helps to have a restaurant recommendation from someone in the know.

    We asked some of our top foodies in NYC to share their #1 picks—here are a few of their faves!


    Cavatelli at Bottino

    “It’s a beautiful and delicious restaurant for any occasion, from something special like a romantic date to friend get-togethers. I live farther away than I used to, but continue to go regularly for the great pastas, cocktails, and Seated Rewards! Definitely take all the recommendations from the staff. One of my favorite places.” – Dennis G.

    Chai Thai Kitchen

    Chiang Mai Noodles at Chai Thai Kitchen

    “This place is a delicious option close to Times Square. I like their low-carb glass noodles, which you can substitute instead of rice. The flavor profiles of their entrees are amazing. It’s an absolute must!” – Star A.

    Masseria dei Vini

    Gnocchi Tarfuto at Masseria dei Vini

    “Authentic Italian, cooked by actual Italians! Handmade pasta made from scratch every day, and a great wine list that isn’t overpriced. Casual enough for an everyday dinner, but nice enough for a special occasion.” – Spencer H.

    San Matteo Pizzeria

    Piadina at San Matteo Pizzeria

    “They have incredible pizza—my favorite pizza by a long shot! And they always have impeccable service. Obsessed with this place!” – Alicia C.


    The Burger at Rivercrest

    “Their burger is one of the best I’ve ever eaten, and the chicken sandwiches are outstanding as well. My favorite add-on is the huge Bavarian salted pretzel with mustard and gouda cheese dip! Definitely worth ordering from or paying a visit.” – Barbara T.

    New York Burger Co.

    Spicy Chicken Sandwich at New York Burger Co.

    “Love the location on 23rd and 10th. Even when I order through Seated, they know who I am and how I like specific meals prepared when I arrive. I’m often greeted by name even before I let them know that I ordered online.” – Jermaine B.

  • How to Find the Highest Rewards On Seated

    There’s nothing like discovering a new favorite spot—especially when you’re scoring a big reward in return!

    Rewards are based on factors like time and availability, so if you’re on the hunt for a high percentage back, it pays to know how to find them.

    Here are some tips for getting serious rewards:

    Look for the Lightning Bolt

    Percentages on the Seated map show how much you’ll earn in rewards—and when lightning strikes, the rewards are higher.

    A flag with a lightning bolt icon shows where you can earn enviable rewards, so seize the moment when you see it!

    Pick the Perfect Filter

    Filters on your phone are great for giving yourself cat ears and faux freckles, but you can also use filters in Seated to find the highest rewards on the map!

    The Highest Reward filter shows you where to find the top rates—depending on the day and time, they can reach 40% or more!

    Treat Yourself During the Week

    Speaking of day and time, did you know that rewards are usually highest Monday through Thursday?

    Rates are typically higher on weekdays than on weekends, when restaurants tend to be busier. Treat yourself to a workday lunch or a weeknight evening out, and you can pick up a high reward, too!

    Take the Lead for Your Group

    Booking in advance is more important than ever when you’re going out with a group—and it pays off in more ways than one!

    The next time your group chat is looking for a volunteer brunch planner, take the lead and make your group reservation. You can skip the wait for a table and score some major rewards while you’re at it!

    Did you know: You can earn rewards for booking events with Seated! For parties of 12 or more, reach out to our Events Concierge.

    Get the Inside Scoop

    If you’re not getting push notifications or SMS messages from Seated, you’re missing out on alerts that could help you lock down a high reward!

    Allow notifications from Seated in your phone’s settings or text START to 44501 to sign up for SMS alerts, and you’ll be the first to know about new additions and surging reward rates nearby.

    Curious where rewards are surging right now?

    Browse what’s available nearby and make your next reward a big one! 

  • How to Get Seated Rewards with Your Receipt

    Do you know the best way to finish off a meal from a local restaurant you discovered on Seated?

    Besides something from the dessert menu, of course. 

    Snapping a photo of your receipt so you can earn Seated Rewards!

    Uploading your receipt in the app is the final step toward earning rewards, so don’t forget to take a glamour shot when the check arrives.

    Make sure the following are visible in your receipt image:

    • Restaurant name
    • Date and time
    • Subtotal

    When in doubt, just snap a photo of the whole thing! All the information on your receipt should be clear and legible, so give it a quick look before you upload.

    Submit your receipt within 14 days of your meal, and your work is done—soon you’ll have rewards to spend in the Seated Store!

    Got your next meal on your mind?

    Find a spot near you and earn your next round of rewards!